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Atlantic Cape Community College, New Jersey

Atlantic Cape Community College is an accredited public college located in New Jersey. It opened in 1966, after a statewide effort to increase public community-centered higher education institutions, and was the second college to open following that effort. It offers more than 40 degree programs, as well as professional training programs. It is also home to the Academy of Culinary Arts, which trains more students in the culinary arts than any school in New Jersey.

Day-to-Day Communication

  • Water main breaks, alerting staff and students for school closures
  • Construction updates, including road and building closures
  • Information about enrollment and registration deadlines

Useful Data, Improved Capabilities

Regroup allows its customers to track information. Data is power. They can track email links, see who opens them, and realize which messages are delivered.

Giving campuses the power to track their own ROI on emails and messaging is extremely useful — but Regroup also allows for a two-way messaging system so recipients can respond, which is particularly useful in an emergency.

Having a Bit of Fun

The platform reaches everyone, but that doesn’t keep people from having a bit of fun.

Don’t Ghost Us!

The school sent a message letting students know about enrollment near Halloween with a fun message that also urged some important action.

Fake National Day

Funny ways to keep the students engaged and involved with the platform.

The Best-in-Class Service for Students, Parents, Staff, Faculty and Emergency Services

Emergency Notification Solutions for Higher Education

Enhance crisis communications and mitigate risks of active shooters, severe weather, and other critical events that endanger your community. With Regroup, you can send alerts to thousands of students, faculty, and staff in seconds.

Automate Critical Notifications

Send rapid, two-tap alerts from Regroup’s mobile app to cell phones, landlines, campus security, 911, email, social media, and more.

TipSafe Anonymous Reporting

Empower students and faculty to safely report suspicious behavior, potential threats, and other safety concerns from their smartphones.

Reach Your Entire Campus

Integrate Regroup with panic buttons, desktop alerts, Help Point towers, fire and PA systems, digital signage, outdoor sirens, and more.

Alert Specific Locations

Our GeoFence technology allows you to alert a specific location, and even notify people outside of the area to stay away.

Easy Opt-In, Free Mobile Apps

Regroup’s free AlertMe Mobile App makes it easy for students and faculty to opt-in for notifications and receive them wherever they go.

Critical Two-Way Communications

Witnesses and first responders can send important information and updates from the scene to improve response time to the emergency.

Regroup for Day-to-Day Campus Notifications

Regroup allows your various departments to create unlimited groups and admins in order to communicate daily information better than ever before. Our seamless integrations and easy-to-use platform make Regroup a tool that you’ll use every day.

Weather Closures & Delays

Automatically provide advance warning of severe weather closures or delays with National Weather Service notifications.

Student & Faculty Updates

Quickly and easily notify students about tuition balances, registration updates, and more while keeping faculty informed too.

Event Reminders

Send reminders of social, academic, and athletic events to relevant groups to increase community engagement.

Our platform was built to be robust and reliable, for every device and application. Combine that with our training and 24-hour client support and it's easy to see why Regroup is the most trusted name in mass notification solutions.