Arkema Axis Plant, Axis, Alabama

Arkema Inc. is part of Arkema Group, a global specialty chemicals manufacturer. The Arkema Inc. facility in Axis, Alabama,
manufactures impact modifiers and process aids that are used in a wide variety of plastic items to improve durability and
quality. The site also manufactures lightweight thermoplastics used in aerospace applications.

In 2020, Arkema used Regroup Mass Notification to alert employees of site-wide precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Regroup was used to deliver alerts for newly required physical procedures like temperature screening. The platform helped
them successfully communicate different levels of site precaution and keep the entire staff on point, and their approach to
employee safety helped them to remain open and operational.

In 2020, Arkema Axis again faced threats from two Gulf Coast hurricanes

The plant was successfully able to mitigate risk to their employees by sending mass notifications with Regroup. When the plant is unable to avoid closure, they find Regroup the fastest and most effective to get the message out.

Arkema Axis uses Regroup when traditional methods of communication are not as effective or reliable. Regroup’s ease of use makes it the perfect solution for plant managers and crisis response teams.

“We find Regroup useful when we need to reach everyone quickly. We monitor storms and other conditions and, if we have to make the decision to close or change procedures, we can reach everyone fast.”

René Neron
Plant Manager at Arkema

Best in Class for Routine and Emergency Notifications for Manufacturing

Enhance crisis communications and mitigate downtime that impact your people and your bottom line. With Regroup, you can send alerts to thousands of network recipients in seconds.

Automatic Critical Alerts

Regroup offers automated alerts from the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), NOAA, National Weather Service (NWS), and more.

Reach Your Entire Network

Send messages to email, text/SMS, voice calls, websites, social media accounts, desktop alerts, and even landlines. Regroup delivers when other channels fail.

Alert Specific Locations and Facilities

Regroup’s GeoFence technology allows you to target a specific location and notify people when entering or leaving the area.

Free Mobile App

Regroup’s free Mobile App makes it easy for your entire team to opt-in for notifications and to receive them wherever they go.

Critical Two-Way Communication

Personnel and supervisors can send important information and updates from their location to improve production response time or to notify others of an emergency.

Regroup was developed to be robust and reliable — for every device and application. Coupled with our comprehensive training and 24-hour client support, it’s easy to see why Regroup is the most trusted name in mass notification.

Regroup Mass Notification is an award-winning provider of mass communication solutions and is committed to providing manufacturers with effective, easy-to-use tools for critical and routine communications. Keep your entire team safe and informed with the most trusted name in mass notification