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"We find Regroup useful when we need to reach everyone quickly. We monitor storms and other conditions and, if we have to make the decision to close or change procedures, we can reach everyone fast."

- Rene Neron Plant Manager

Case Study

Arkema Inc. is part of Arkema Group, a global specialty chemicals manufacturer. The Arkema Inc. facility in Axis Alabama manufactures impact modifiers and process aids that are used in a wide variety of plastic items to improve durability and quality. In 2020, Arkema used Regroup to alert employees of site-wide precautions during the Covid-19 outbreak. Regroup delivered alerts for newly required physical procedures like temperature screens and communicated different levels of site precaution to keep the staff on point, keeping the plant open and operational. During Gulf Coast hurricanes, Arkema uses Regroup to mitigate risk for employees by sending weather alert notifications and procedure instructions.