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Webinar – Top 5 Factors for Security Operations Success

During the first quarter of 2022, in partnership with LifeRaft, Constant Technologies and Regroup conducted the inaugural Security Operations Benchmark Study. 175 security operations executives, leaders and practitioners around the globe participated in the research.

Study participants provided insights into their priorities, objectives and challenges, in addition to their measures of success, executive confidence, ROI and supporting technologies. The report examines the key findings of the study and identifies best-in class organizational attributes that are most highly correlated with success achieved in security operations.

“Many of the findings in this important research confirm things we know and substantiate important correlations.,” said Michael Gips, JD, CPP, CSyP, CAE, Principal, Global Insights in Processional Security.  “Others will challenge how we think and operate.  The data raises as many questions as it confirms preconceptions. That’s a good thing—we need to continually take stock of our operating environment and adjust accordingly.”

On May 5, the study’s research partners are participating in a Security Magazine webinar where they will explain key findings from the study. Webinar attendees are eligible for CEU credits.

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