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Regroup Threat Intelligence Suite

Regroup Mass Notification Introduces New Threat Intelligence and Situational Awareness Suite

Industry leader in mass notification technology to provide clients with a threat intelligence gathering suite, enabling enterprise-wide security and risk mitigation ecosystem.

Regroup Mass NotificationⓇ, an industry-leading provider of emergency and everyday communication solutions, announced the introduction to a full-featured situational awareness suite for Regroup clients.

Regroup’s new cloud-based threat intelligence suite is an all-hazards threat monitoring and situational awareness service enabling highly secure and targeted delivery of critical information to security professionals and corporate leaders.

Combined with Regroup’s award-winning mass notification system, this new toolset will address real-world needs of enterprise, healthcare, security companies, logistics, government, retail and more.

While Regroup continues to deliver on its commitment to keep people safe and informed during crises, this new product offering will deliver intelligence that allows stakeholders to be more proactive against potential threats.

“We’re looking forward to providing clients a new gold standard of risk mitigation and management,” said Regroup COO, Chris Utah. “The combination of our robust communication platform and full threat monitoring capabilities will deliver powerful tools to keep people and assets protected.”

Regroup’s easy-to-use mass notification platform features numerous ways to send and receive, unified messaging and advanced capabilities like geo-targeting, API integrations and a native mobile app for teams of any size.

About Regroup Mass Notification
Since 2006, Regroup Mass Notification has provided a first-in-class cloud-based communication system for emergencies and everyday applications. Regroup’s award-winning platform keeps clients across the globe safe, informed and productive. Its ease of use, full range of integrations, secure end-to-end encryption and 24-hour client support make Regroup the most trusted name in mass notification systems.

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