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New Mapping Layers Help Regroup Clients Track COVID-19

New Mapping Layers Help Regroup Clients Track COVID-19

Regroup Mass Notification has released two new mapping layers that lets admins visualize the spread of COVID-19 at state and local levels. The map overlays can be toggled on in Regroup’s existing map view when creating a geo-targeted message, and clients will soon be able to view the impacts of the pandemic as they relate to stored addresses for people, groups, and locations in the Regroup system.

Regroup has developed this new tool in an effort to equip clients to respond to the current global pandemic, increase situational awareness, and inform their communities. The tool is a free addition to the company’s already award-winning mass notification platform. Data for the map layers is provided by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Washington for state and local levels, respectively.

The virus, commonly called the Coronavirus, was first reported to the World Health Organization in December 2019.

“At Regroup, we are closely following developments pertaining to the global pandemic in order to best serve our clients. In the best of days and times of crisis, our team stands side-by-side with them to help keep their communities informed and safe,” said Chris Utah, COO of Regroup. “These additional map layers will help our clients visualize the outbreak in a way that enables them to see how their assets – people and locations – may be impacted.”

Regroup is offering free demonstrations of the company’s mass notification platform. Interested parties can schedule a demo on Regroup’s website to learn how mass notifications can help their organizations communicate better during emergencies such as the current pandemic.

Regular 24/7 support lines are open to current clients who want to learn more about the new COVID-19 map layers.

Let Regroup help with your COVID-19 response! We’re offering ultra-fast onboarding and can have you up and running within 48 hours. Schedule a demo with one of our Solutions Executives to get started today.

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