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Mitigating Violence in the Healthcare Workplace

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, violence against healthcare workers has increased. Learn how a mass notification solution can help reduce the risks and promote a better environment for staff members.

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has made a lasting impact on the healthcare industry and medical professionals. Prior to the global pandemic, nurses and doctors in hospital settings experienced high levels of workplace violence. The pandemic and its effects, however, created unprecedented increases in violence towards healthcare professionals along with a number of other issues.

violence in healthcare environments

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A recent survey of 2,575 nurses in the United States by National Nurses United reveals troubling numbers for healthcare workers with regards to workplace violence, staffing issues and staff wellness.

The union’s survey found that 48% of nurses experienced spikes in workplace violence. It also found that a staggering 83% experienced more stress than before the pandemic.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare workers in hospital settings are six times more likely to experience workplace violence than average workers in the United States. Nurses unions asked a federal court to force the Biden administration — through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration — to issue permanent safety standards for healthcare workers. But, OSHA only issued a temporary standard that has since expired.

Legislators in a number of states are now addressing the issue by introducing bills that stiffen penalties for violence against healthcare workers. But, is it enough?

While it’s clear that workplace violence in healthcare environments is a pressing problem that commands attention and action from lawmakers, there are many things facilities can do to ensure a safer work environment for their staff.

For years, Regroup has assisted hospitals, long term care facilities, county health departments and home health agencies establish communications plans for emergency situations and routine operations. We have found that the combination of Regroup’s cloud-based platform and our Mobile App create a full-coverage solution that healthcare facilities can use to keep their people safe and informed.

Administrators can use Regroup to send to email, landlines, text/SMS, facility intranets and push notifications. By harnessing Regroup’s system, daily operations can be more effectively communicated, shift openings broadcast more widely and policy updates distributed more efficiently.

Using Regroup’s Mobile App, staff and security teams can alert others when a violent confrontation occurs. Additionally, two-way communication enables administrators and supervisors to advise those affected until a safe conclusion is reached.

Beyond workplace violence, Regroup can help facilities alert their team members of severe weather, natural disasters, inbound patients and other critical events. What’s more, Regroup delivers robust reporting that can help facilities keep stakeholders informed and staff members accountable.

The safety of healthcare workers is crucial to patient outcomes and the smooth operation of the healthcare environment. By instituting an overarching communications plan, enhanced safety protocols and necessary training, facilities can mitigate the risks associated with violence, promote better working conditions for staff members and bolster day-to-day operations.

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