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Release Note

Version: v2.0.56
Release Date: April 5, 2024

Bugs Fixes
  • Processing style combination with Purge at the Profile level and Add & Delete at the Membership level did not work as expected when adding contacts using API. We fixed it.
  • We fixed the notification setting in the Regroup Mobile app. Admins can now receive notifications when a recipient responds to their messages.
  • We fixed a minor bug in the Replies tab. Now, you can see each recipient’s latest message on the left panel and click them to see the whole conversation on the right.
  • Creating group channels did not work as expected when some users created groups using SFTP or CSV import. We fixed it.
  • Logout Interval functionality was not working correctly, and admins were not logged off when the application was idle for a defined period. We fixed it.
  • Loading message reports took longer than expected. We have fixed it to improve performance.
  • The custom content drafted for each delivery method in a Quick Message triggered from AlertUs did not deliver the message with custom content. We fixed it.
  • When opening a saved Quick Message template, the system did not show the enabled status of the ‘This is Urgent’ checkbox. We fixed it.
  • Triggering the Quick Message to a channel using API did not work as expected. We fixed it.
  • The system did not add contacts when users chose to send a welcome message while adding contacts. We fixed it.
  • On map regions and layers; adding message recipients using the map regions and creating a new map region took longer to load. In other instances, the pop-up to add new map layers did not appear. We have fixed all these issues.

Version: v2.0.55
Release Date: Mar 14, 2024

New or Updated Features
  • UI Translation to Spanish or Canadian French
    The UI translation feature is now enhanced to translate all texts in the application to Spanish or Canadian French. If someone in your organization prefers using Spanish or Canadian French as the application‘s language, you can contact us to enable it. When enabled, language options appear under the profile icon for users to select their preferences.
  • Personalized Fields Available on the Regroup Mobile App
    Regroup Mobile app is now enhanced to display personalized fields in messages. While creating messages, you can add personalized fields like the recipient’s name or details. Our system delivers these messages to recipients with the information specific to their profile.
  • Additional Subscription Options in Channel Sign-Up Embed
    We enhanced the look and feel of the channel sign-up page you embed on different platforms. You can now mandate users to subscribe to at least one additional channel when they sign up using a channel embed. The display of screening questions is also enhanced.
  • Posting Regroup Messages on Twitter
    We enhanced our social media settings to improve how we post messages to Twitter. The setup page, display of posts on Twitter, and display of character limit while creating messages are improved.
Bugs Fixes
  • You can now set up a meeting in Gmail or Outlook using a channel’s Email-In ID to invite all its recipients. We fixed the Email-In feature to display the RSVP options and meeting link correctly.
  • Some of you may have received NOAA alerts during the quiet hours set for Alert Events. We fixed it.
  • Our system failed to populate form field values in messages when auto-translation was enabled for them. Instead of displaying the form field values, it displayed the form field placeholders. We fixed it.

Version: v2.0.54
Release Date: Feb 26, 2024

Bugs Fixes
  • When adding contacts using the Azure AD sync, our system added mobile numbers mapped to different phone types as Phone (cell). We fixed the system to respect the mapped phone type with all numbers.
  • When sending messages, the post-confirmation popup box failed to display the correct number of valid emails listed as recipients. We fixed it.
  • When saving the custom attribute filters, our system changed the OR operator into the AND operator. We fixed this to facilitate the seamless addition of contacts to groups using custom attributes.
  • Our Create Group Channel feature did not automatically create channels for some groups. We fixed it.
  • We fixed the alignment issue of the XLS file you received when exporting the Responsive Alert report.
  • When removing the logo of the signup embedded page, our system redirected the users to the contact management page. We fixed it.
  • The LDAP sync failed to sync groups with our application. We fixed it.
  • When adding contacts using CSV, our system displayed some valid emails as invalid. We fixed it.

Version: v2.0.53
Release Date: Jan 30, 2024

New or Updated Features
  • We are introducing a new feature, Delivery Priority Order, as a free add-on. It enables you to define the order and interval of message delivery attempts for delivery methods such as Email, SMS, Call, and Regroup Mobile. You can select when to stop or repeat attempting message delivery. The delivery priority order treats a message as urgent and invalidates the quiet hours setting. You can also set up a default priority order for the channel or organization.
  • The quiet hour setting of our application now shows after work hours (5 PM to 8 AM) as the default selected time on work days. You can update the default time or select all day as the quiet hour to not receive messages. If you select All Day, the system selects time from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.
  • You can now use OAuth 2.0 authentication to integrate OneRoster with our application.
  • You can now determine what message type appears preselected on the New Message page. Currently, when you open the New Message page, Quick Message appears as the default message type. In the Organization Settings > Message Settings page, you can choose Quick Message, Ad-Hoc Message, or Message to Channel as the default message type.
  • The Email-In feature is now enhanced to allow channel recipients to send messages to all members. When you set up who can send messages using email-in, you can select Unrestricted Email-In access and allow the channel recipients to email-in to the channel.
  • When fetching the contact information using the API, you can fetch the report with the phone type of each number. You can download the report with or without the phone type saved in their profile.
  • We added additional attributes to the sort-by query for fetching messages using API. You can now sort the messages by attributes such as subject, delivery date, and sender.
  • Message auto-translation can now be turned on and off while sending messages or creating templates. Set auto-translation as a message default in the Organization Setting to get the auto-translation checkbox on the New Message, Quick Message, and Message Template pages. You must enable the auto-translation add-on and feature.
Bugs Fixes
  • We fixed the issues with scheduled messages. Some of you could not edit already scheduled messages or see them when sent to contacts.
  • NOAA alerts were sent irrespective of the quiet hour settings. We fixed it.
  • We fixed our system to add new admins whose email IDs have apostrophes.
  • Our system gave an invalid groupid error while importing members using SFTP even when the groupid was correct in the CSV. We fixed it.
  • The email sent to first-time users contained the link to reset the password page instead of the create password page. We fixed it.
  • The links in the NOAA alerts did not open correctly on the mobile device. We fixed it.

Version: V2.0.52
Release Date: Dec 26, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • We introduced a new free add-on, Message Acknowledgments, enabling recipients to confirm receiving the message. If you enable the Request Acknowledgment checkbox while sending messages, recipients can acknowledge receiving the message. This is available for delivery methods such as Email, SMS, Voice/TTS, Regroup Mobile, and Regroup Web. You also can view and filter the message report by the acknowledgment status.
  • Our latest update of APIs now allows downloading enhanced Text/SMS message reports. API-fetched Text/SMS reports now contain all recipient replies, including Text-to-Join commands.
  • We enhanced our map layers with updated links. Map layers are now categorized and sorted into Weather, Watch Warnings and Advisories, and the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • We are introducing a new premium feature, Custom Map Layers. You can use it to create and save customized map layers per your organization’s requirements. The custom map layers can be used to access the location-based data for messaging. Both API Key and OAuth 2.0 authentications are available to configure the add-on. A new tab, Custom Map Layers, appears in the Organization Settings when configured.
  • You can now allow your organization’s contacts to sign up for multiple channels using their primary email ID. When signing up using the existing primary email, our system verifies it by sending a verification code to the email ID.
  • We are introducing domain customizations across our application. You can contact us to customize the current domain to your organization’s custom domain. Custom domains are available in instances such as system-generated short links sent with messages and web application domains like hover-over elements and email displays. Custom domain is also available for Email-In, To and From email IDs of the channel, group profiles in the sender profile, and system-generated emails for imports, password resetting, etc.
  • We added Call (TTS/Voice) as a delivery method for Responsive Alert. The system calls the recipients and reads the message with the key entries corresponding to each response. The system repeats the messages twice if no response is received. Recipients can also call back to enter their responses.
  • You can change the language of your application’s user interface from English to French or Spanish. This feature translates all UI elements into your desired language on both the web and mobile apps. Each user in your organization can use English, French, or Spanish without affecting the other user’s preferences. You must contact Regroup to enable it.
Bugs Fixes
  • We fixed the Connection Failed Error that appeared when trying to integrate Unified FX with our application.
  • Our system failed to respect the quiet hour settings in the recipient’s profiles. We fixed it.
  • The recipient count of quick messages appeared wrong on the Quick Messages templates tab. We now ensure that the recipient count appears correctly.
  • We fixed the issue with SMS short links not being generated when they had more than 120 characters and were sent from AlertUs to Regroup.
  • The reports tab of our application showed the replies sent by an admin as pending even after the messages were delivered to the recipients. We fixed the issue.
  • We enhanced the Send Group Message permission. It now allows admins to view recipient’s replies. They can also respond to recipients with this permission.
  • Contacts removed from channels by admins could not resubscribe to these channels using text-to-join commands. We fixed it.

Version: V2.0.51
Release Date: Nov 13, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • We enhanced the Responsive Alert report. The Export button on Report tab of the message now provides options to download a Summary Report and a Delivery Status Report. The Summary Report provides the overall message details and analytics of the message. The Delivery Status Report provides the delivery statuses of each delivery method per recipient.
  • We updated the Alert Types our system lists for all Location-based NOAA alerts. When you choose a location-based alert, we display only polygon-based Alert Events. This also applies to the alert type County and Location-based.
  • We enhanced the Email In feature to send bounce-back emails to unauthorized users trying to message the channel recipients. The user receives a bounce-back email if the channel’s Email In setting is Restricted or No Email Access. Channel admins are notified when a bounce-back email is sent to anyone.
  • We improved how the message subject appears when you use the default subject prefix. If at least one channel is in the recipient list, the name of the first channel appears as the prefix. The group name becomes the default prefix if the recipient is a group or a combination of groups and individuals. For individuals as recipients, we display the organization’s name.
Bugs Fixes
  • Our system reported some valid phone numbers and email IDs as invalid when imported or added manually. We fixed it.
  • Blackbaud sync did not automatically import the data per its Schedule Settings. We corrected it to sync automatically.
  • We fixed the issue with some instances of our application being unable to execute OneRoster sync.
  • The login link on the Channel Unsubscription page and the Non-SSO login link on the Manage Subscription page did not work as expected. We fixed it.
  • Group admins could not see the replies tab when they sent messages to contacts alone. We fixed it.
  • Web and SMS sign-ups for newly created channels weren’t working as expected. We fixed it. We also fixed a minor issue with the channel subscription.
  • Emails created using HTML and sent to Outlook using the Message-In feature displayed HTML in the message body. We fixed it.
  • Messages embedded in a public website asked some users to provide sign-in credentials. We fixed our system to treat channel publications such as RSS or Embed messages to appear public in areas where they’re hosted.
  • API SMS message formatting did not recognize line breakers. This caused the SMS messages to appear in a single line. We fixed the issue.

Version: V2.0.50
Release Date: Oct 23, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • We enhanced the Panic Alert, enabling contacts to send updates to a sent alert and have a real-time chat with the recipient admins. The new Panic Alert tab in the Messages section of the mobile app lists all sent alerts. Contacts can send updates and chat with admins here. Received alerts are listed in a new Panic Alert tab on each group’s Sent Messages page. Admins can chat with the sender in real-time and manage the alerts.
  • We now provide two kinds of sent message reports. The Export button on the Sent Message tab lets you download a Summary Report and a Delivery Status Report. The Summary Report provides the message details and overall analytics of the message. The Delivery Status Report lets you download the delivery statuses per delivery method for each recipient, with and without custom attributes.
  • We now allow the authentication of multiple domains of an organization using DKIM. If you have multiple domains, contact us to authenticate them.
  • We enhanced sending images using the SMS to minimize the character count. When sending SMS, our system won’t automatically create image links for the in-line images in the message body. To add images to SMS, select ‘Custom Content for Each Delivery Method’ and add the image link directly. We also enhanced how the SMS prefix appears.
  • We enhanced the Help Center page of our application with a link to the Administration Guide and contact details of our technical support.
  • Channel admin’s permissions for managing recipients are improved. With View Recipients permission, admins can now see all channel recipients. It includes the contacts in the channel’s recipient groups even if the channel admin is not part of the group. They also can view recipients added to the channel using a map region. Edit Channel Settings permission now allows channel admins to remove recipient groups even if they are not that group’s admin. However, they can add a group to a channel only if they have admin permission for that group.
  • You can now use your custom domains in the web links we generate for messages. Links for web polls, Links to full Posts in SMS/text messages, Responsive Alerts submission links, Web Polling response links, geofence messaging, and file download links can now have your custom domain. Our system doesn’t shorten the custom domain URLs; it displays the character limit of SMS after counting the characters used by the link. Contact Regroup to request custom domain links.
  • We now display the emergency flag of the messages in the API V3 and API V4 GET endpoints for the messages.
  • We updated the Alert Types our system lists for all location-based NOAA alerts. Location-based NOAA alerts will only display polygon-based Alert Events such as Tornado Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Flash Flood Warning, and Special Marine Warning.
  • The conference call now allows its participants to share call’s dial-in information with anyone, enabling them to join the call after you have started it. The host and co-host of the conference call can monitor and manage the newly joined participants. Only their phone number appears on the call dashboard.
  • We improved the Paging Systems integration by enabling our system to accept the “# “sign in the pin code entry field of the paging group. The field appears on the Edit Paging Group page.
Bugs Fixes
  • We rectified minor discrepancies in the numbers displayed in the Recent Message section of the application’s dashboard.
  • Subscribing using the SMS command did not work as expected when an existing subscriber tried subscribing to the emails. We fixed it.
  • We fixed the bug that caused some of your emails to fail to be sent on time and some to bounce.
  • The variable field in the email footer for the contact subscription page did not produce the exact details when the message was sent. We fixed it.
  • We fixed the unsubscribe URL in the email footer of the group channel.
  • Removing unsubscribed users from the Organization Unsubscriber list did not work as expected. We fixed it.
  • The responsive alert report was updated when some alert recipients were removed from the system. Auto Translation also displayed minor translation errors when used in the responsive alert. We fixed both.
  • When setting the sender profile for the conference call, some of you could not add the email header section. We fixed it.
  • We fixed a minor bug in the API endpoint to fetch channel messages.
  • While updating the custom attributes you use to add contacts to groups, our system failed to save the changes correctly. We fixed it so the edits won’t affect the already added filters.
  • We fixed a minor bug in the Reports section for Desktop Notification.
  • Uploading recipients to send an ad-hoc message did not work as expected. We fixed it.
  • We fixed our system’s inability to save the area code for Puerto Rico in some sender profiles.
  • We fixed minor bugs that affected the admin’s ability to view recipients of the group channels or groups.
  • We fixed minor bugs that affected the automatic detection of the country code when adding the contact’s phone number. Norway number had the issue in SFTP import. All similar issues are fixed.

Version: V2.0.49
Release Date: Sep 15, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • Unsubscribe Link in Email Footer
    We are introducing unsubscribe links for channels and groups. The link is placed in the default email footer of the sender profile. You can select the custom email footer and choose to remove the link. The system won’t send the unsubscribe link in email footers if the group or channel setting doesn’t allow its contacts or subscribers to unsubscribe. If you have a group as a channel message recipient, all recipients get the channel unsubscribe link.
  • Desktop Notification Reports on the Message Reports Page
    You can now see the Desktop Notification reports on the Message Reports page. To view the reports, you must configure the API token and password for the Desktop Notification add-on. The message report is available only if the channel or group’s RSS settings are dedicated to Desktop Notifications alone. You can also retrieve the report using the API.
  • Tasks Determining the Channel and Group Modified Date
    We redefined the list of actions that determine the groups’ and channels’ last updated date. The Updated and Modified columns of groups and channels, respectively, now display the date when there is an update in their membership, resources, publications, alerts, etc.
  • Default Message Methods for Organization Signups
    When subscribers sign up to your organization, they can only choose from the delivery methods you have set as message defaults for the associated channel or organization. When you disable any delivery method from the message default of the channel or organization, all related options are removed from the Subscription Options section of the organization sign-up page. Also, when only one delivery method is active, it’s made mandatory for subscribers to provide details for that method.
  • Call Retry When Recipient is Busy or Unavailable
    You can now contact Regroup to enable your calls to attempt retrying if the recipient’s phone is busy or out of reach. When you send Voice Polls or messages with Call (TTS/Voice) as a delivery method, recipients can answer or receive the call in their voicemail. If their phone is busy or out of coverage, the system retries calling them only if you enable this functionality.
Bugs Fixes
  • We fixed the issue with the NOAA alerts failing to deliver messages to some channels.
  • The Conference Call feature had minor issues when members attempted to join the call. The noise while joining the call and variation in key entry requests are fixed.
  • Our API displayed the parameter name for the Message Template ID wrongly as meeting_template_id when you fetch the message templates. We updated it. It won’t affect you if you have been using meeting_template_id.
  • The Export All button in the Replies tab of a sent message did not work as expected. We fixed it to download all the replies.
  • SFTP import displayed minor bugs with the imported members’ count. We fixed the issue.
  • When contacts had set the quiet hours for all day, our system sent messages at the end of the day. We fixed it not to send messages when the quiet hour is set as All Day.
  • We updated some UI text elements on the Edit Contact Profile page.
  • Our system did not send the scheduled voice polls on time. We fixed the issue.
  • Updating a predefined sender profile on the New Message page did not work as expected. We enabled updating sender information in default and custom sender profiles.
  • Contact count in a group appeared different on the All Group page and in the group’s settings. We fixed the issue.

Version: V2.0.48
Release Date: Aug 23, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • Login Using Phone Number or Email Address
    Admins and contacts can now log in to Regroup using their unique phone number or their primary email address. Your organization’s login page now allows you to enter your email or phone number, and you can use the same password to log in using both methods. The new feature also allows you to receive the password reset link as an SMS on your phone number.
  • Enhanced Group and Channel Permission
    We enhanced a few permissions at the group and channel levels. We removed the send individual message permission from the group and the delete channel permission from the channels. We also added a new permission called View Recipients. Admins need this permission to view or edit recipients in hidden or restricted channels. To delete channels, the channel admin must have the new channel permission Manage Settings.
  • Export Sent Messages from Each Channel or Group
    You can now download a CSV with all messages sent from a channel or group. The Sent Messages page of each channel or group has a new Export All button. Group and channel admins can download all details available for sent messages here.
  • Enhanced Status report for Standalone SMS and TTS API
    The status messages and reports of the standalone SMS API and TTS API are enhanced. When your payload has an invalid number attempting message delivery, you get separate statuses on the API response section and the Message Reports page of the application. API response shows if creating the message request was successful or not. On the web UI, you get message reports with delivery statuses and details of invalid numbers, if any.
  • Tooltip on Send Test to Myself Button
    You can now see a tooltip at the Send Test to Myself button while sending messages. The tip explains that when you send the message as test to yourself, the message is sent to all phone and email types linked to your contact profile.
  • Option to Remove Members from Groups When Group ID is Absent
    You can now determine whether to remove or keep group members if the Group ID is absent in the CSV or API import files. When you set Add and Remove as the group-level processing style, the system does not remove members from groups if the Group ID is absent in the import files. We added a new checkbox in the Organization Settings – Processing Style page, enabling you to use the Add and Remove at the group level to remove members from groups when the group ID is absent in the import file.
  • Message Preview Button In Mobile App
    Regroup mobile app now has a Preview button on the New Message page. It allows you to preview the message details before you send them. The preview shows separate tabs for email and Text/SMS. The email tab displays details of the sender, receiver, reply-to, and the full message.
Bugs Fixes
  • Some of your recipients received broken short links in the SMS that exceeded the 160-character limits and used the SMS prefix. We fixed the issue.
  • When the default sender profile prefix was used, our system did not display the organization’s name in message subjects. We fixed the message prefix to display the correct prefix value in all scenarios.
  • We fixed the issue with personalized fields in the Panic Alert message templates. The fields you use to populate the sender’s information did not work as expected.
  • We updated how logging in works when you are already logged in as admin or contact. When you log in as a contact, if your admin session is already active, you will be directed to it. When logging in as an admin, if your contact session is already active, we log you out of the contact session.
  • Creating the first channel in the newly implemented organization was not working as expected. We fixed it.
  • Voice Call (TTS) messages appeared queued in some instances of our system. We fixed it.
  • We did a minor help text update on the Choose Recipients Via Map page to clarify that contacts are added as recipients only when the address in their profile comes inside your chosen map location.
  • The web signup link embedded into an organization’s web page did not facilitate sign-ups as expected. We fixed it.
  • Quite hours set in the contact profile did not mute all non-urgent messages. We fixed our system to respect the contact’s quiet hour settings.
  • When creating quick messages using the Responsive Alert template, the message body did not create all response options. We fixed the issue, enabling the creation of quick messages with all features of Responsive Alert.
  • We fixed some minor issues with the voice poll feature, custom attribute filter, and sending messages using message templates.

Version: V2.0.47
Release Date: July 31, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • Additional Variables in the Email Footer
    You can now add new variable fields such as [Group Name],[Channel Name], [Recipient Name], and [Recipient Email] when composing email footers. Variable fields are placeholders placed in a message footer text that populate matching terms per message or recipient when you send the message. Using the variable field with individual values may affect the email delivery speed.
  • New Accessibility Section for Panic Alert
    The Panic Alert feature is now improved with an accessibility section. You can now add one or more groups or individual contacts in the accessibility section to allow them to view and trigger the panic alert. You also can add all contacts in the organization to access the panic alert and trigger it.
  • Ability to Lock the Message Template
    You can now lock the new message and quick message templates to prevent admins from editing the content when sending messages. The Lock the Template checkbox is available at the bottom of the New Message Template or New Quick Message Template page.
  • Desktop Alert Enhancements and Renaming
    The add-on feature Desktop Alert is now renamed as Desktop Notification. When configuring the RSS publication for a channel, you can mark it as configured for Desktop Notification. Channels with this option enabled appear listed on the Desktop Notification add-ons page. You must configure the API to see the Desktop Notification report.
  • Paging System as a Delivery Method for Message-In
    We have added Paging System as a delivery method to send channel messages using the Message-In feature. You can add one or more paging groups to trigger the Email-In or SMS-In messages. Also, you can send an email to multiple channels with the Email-In configuration to trigger messages to all selected channels.
Bugs Fixes
  • The Message-In feature did not load the graphics in the message body as expected. We fixed the inline-image issue.
  • We fixed a bug that affected Azure sync. Some of you lost contacts from groups when you provisioned contacts and groups using the Azure sync.
  • We fixed the issue with our system delaying saving quick messages, message templates, and sender profiles.
  • When updating the admin role in the profile with more than 15 groups, our system returns you to the first page with each edit. We fixed it.
  • Downloading the summary report did not work as expected for some organizations. We fixed it.
  • We fixed the SMS command STOP and UNSTOP not working as expected.
  • We fixed the error with the TTS/Call delivery method, as it failed to deliver calls when used in scheduled messages.
  • A newly created custom role with permissions only to send messages and view group contacts also allowed the admin to create new channels. We fixed it.
  • Some of the admins could not respond to the message replies sent by contacts. We fixed the systems for seamless reply options.

Version: V2.0.46
Release Date: July 07, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • New Permission to Create Channels
    We enhanced the permissions to ensure only admins with the Edit Channel Settings permission can create channels. You can create customized roles with different permissions enabling admins to do specific tasks.
  • Allow Unscbcribed Contacts to Resubscribe to Channels
    Unsubscribed users can now resubscribe to the channel. The new Subscribe Again button on each Channel’s Unsubscribes page enables admins to add back the unsubscribed users. Contacts or subscribers can resubscribe to the channels from the contact profile or sign-up page.
  • Remove Last Updated At from Contact Export
    We removed the Last Updated attribute from the CSV you get when you export the contact list.
Bugs Fixes
  • Integrating your Regroup account with Twitter wasn’t working as expected. We fixed the social media integration settings at the channel and organization levels.
  • While adding recipients using the map, our system displayed contacts only when their primary address matched the map location. We fixed it to display contacts if any addresses in their profiles matched.
  • Our system failed to list all the Regroup channels when setting up the AlertUs integration. We now enable seamless integration.
  • We updated the geofencing messaging, conference call, and custom attribute mapping to fix minor bugs.
  • Adding recipients using the map didn’t work as expected when tried on Firefox. We fixed the compatibility issue.
  • Downloading the sent message report when it had Regroup Mobile as a delivery method failed. We fixed it.
  • SFTP import of contacts didn’t enter the first name correctly. We fixed it.
  • Custom group admin roles with permission to view contacts and send messages could edit group admins even when they didn’t have the Edit Group Admins permission. We ensure that Edit Group Admins permission is mandatory for that.
  • The pop-up that appears when you hover over the channel’s name did not work as expected on the inner pages. We fixed.
  • While selecting recipients using the map, it displayed only the primary address when contacts had more than one address in their profiles. We fixed it to display all addresses.
  • While setting up the group automation, the schedule option ‘Sync at the immediate available slot after the organization level SFTP import’ was unavailable for some of you. It’s made available.
  • The login fields you selected as required in the custom sign-up page also appeared as required in the default sign-up page. We fixed it.

Version: V2.0.45
Release Date: June 16, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • New Digital Signage Add-On
    We are introducing a new premium add-on feature Digital Signage to integrate Regroup with digital display techniques like LED, video walls, projections, etc. You can monitor the addition of new signages using the XML file. Also, turn on or off all the digital signages for your organization from the channel’s Sent Messages page.
  • Create and Link Contact Profiles to Existing or New Admins
    You can now automate creating contact profiles for the admins you add to groups using the web, API, CSV or SFTP import. The new feature ‘ Add Admin as a contact to the group’ is available in the Advanced tab of the Organization Settings. The linked contact profile is removed only when the admin profile is removed.
  • Ability to Lock Sender Profile at Channel Level
    The new Lock Sender Profiles option allows you to mandate using one sender profile for all messages sent from a channel. The option is available at each channel’s Message and Sender Profile tab. You cannot lock the channel-level sender profile if a mandatory profile is set for the organization.
  • Enhanced Message Replies Reports
    Reports of the message replies and polling responses are now enhanced with multiple attributes. The Export button on the Replies tab downloads comprehensive details of the message, recipient responses and custom attributes.
  • Enable Users to Choose a Channel to Subscribe
    You can now mandate the subscribers to select a channel of their choice from a list of channels you provide on the organization sign-up page. The Manage Sign-up Embed tab now contains a checkbox to mandate users to select at least one channel while subscribing to your organization.
  • Download Links for Reports Instead of Direct Download
    When you download reports of messages with more than 1,000 recipients, our system now emails you the report as a CSV Export Link. You can click the link to download the zipped report. Reports of messages with fewer recipients get directly downloaded to your computer.
  • Edit IPAWS Template
    You can now edit all fields in the IPAWS message templates, including the expired keys. The edit option is available in the vertical ellipsis corresponding to the IPAWS templates.
  • Directory for the Latest SFTP Response File
    We added a new directory named Latest in our SFTP server to keep the latest response file of your SFTP imports. You can locate the folder at Done > Membership Response > Latest.
  • Ability to Select Phone Type and Email Type for Message-In
    You can select the recipient’s email and phone types to deliver messages using Message-In. The system delivers the Message–In emails, calls and SMS to the selected email type (primary and secondary) and phone types (work, home, cell or other).
  • Group and Channel Message Reports Visible to Admins
    Admins can now view all the message reports of a group or channel if they have permission to send messages to them. Even if messages are sent to individual contacts, reports are available in the Report section for all admins with message-sending permission in that group or channel.
  • Prevent Sender Profiles Without Caller ID for Call (TTS/Voice)
    Our system will prevent you from saving the message defaults if the selected sender profile does not have a caller ID and Call (TTS/Voice) is selected as a delivery method. The new warning message appears in the Message Defaults section of the Channels and Organization.
  • Listen to TTS Message Before Sending Messages
    Now you can hear the message text converted into a voice clip before sending a Call (TTS/Voice) message. When Call (TTS/Voice) is selected as a delivery method, the Listen button appears on the message body of the Post New Message page.
Bugs Fixes
  • Searching and adding multiple individual recipients to send ad-hoc messages did not work as expected. We fixed the issue.
  • Images in the message templates and quick messages did not appear correctly in the message body. We fixed it.
  • We fixed the form fields from appearing duplicated in the message body.
  • Some channels did not notify the admins to approve the messages triggered using Message-In. We fixed the ‘Require all posts to be approved by an admin’ setting of channels.
  • Some channels failed to trigger NOAA alerts that were configured for them. Also, the Call (TTS/Voice) messages mispronounced the term wind in the NOAA alerts. We fixed both.
  • Blackbaud filter Relationship wasn’t working as expected for the filter value Parents Only. We fixed it.
  • Editing the SMS text in the Preview Message page when the auto-translation was enabled did not work as expected. We also fixed the link to full message in the SMS/Text.
  • We fixed a few bugs related to SFTP upload, sending a desktop message using raw HTML code, fetching reports using the SMS API and processing style-related issues.

Version: V2.0.44
Release Date: May 29, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • New Password and Security Settings
    We introduced the Password and Security Settings section under the organization settings to manage non-SSO admin sign-ins. The section contains settings for password expiration, account lockouts and multi-factor authentication.
  • Export the Count of Contacts and Admins in Groups
    You can now get the count of contacts and admins in each group when you export the list of groups. We added the Membership Count and Admin Count checkboxes under the Export All button in the group list of the Recipient tab.
  • User Type Not Mandatory for Web Import of Contacts or Subscribers
    The User Type column is not mandatory anymore for the web import of contacts or subscribers to groups and channels. When you import the CSV without the user type, all members in the CSV are added as contacts. Previously, the User Type column was added to your CSV when you mapped the data for import.
  • Add NOAA Alerts to Multiple Channels Using CSV
    You can now set up and configure NOAA Alerts in multiple channels using the CSV and APIs. In the configuration, you can set up alert types, events, time zone, quiet hours and post methods.
  • Organization Admins Not to Receive Group Notifications
    The organization admins who are not admins in any group will no longer receive group-related notifications.
  • SFTP Groups Import to Affect Only Groups Present in the CSV
    You can now set up the processing style for the SFTP member import without affecting groups not listed in the CSV. Use Add & Remove and Add & Delete processing styles at the organization and group level, respectively, to not delete members of the groups whose group IDs are absent in the CSV.
Bugs Fixes
  • Configuring the ADFS SSO
    We fixed the issue with the Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) SSO configuration with Regroup.
  • Missed Area Description When Using the IPAWS Templates
    Our system failed to send the value for areaDesc to IPAWS when some admins send IPAWS messages using predefined templates. We fixed the issue
  • Quick Message Template Loading Time
    Quick message templates took a long time to load for some of you. We fixed the latency issue.
  • Group Level Membership Processing Style
    We fixed the issue with the group-level membership processing style Add & Remove. It was not deleting contacts as expected.
  • LDAP SSO with Multiple Servers
    You can now configure multiple servers with the LDAP SSO. We added a dropdown on the LDAP SSO sign-in page, enabling users to select one of the multiple LDAP servers to sign in.
  • Recipient Replies Not Displayed on the Replies Tab
    Our system did not display some of your recipient’s email replies on the Replies tab. We fixed the replies display.
  • AlertUs Groups not Displayed on the UI
    We fixed the issue with AlertUs and Desktop Alerts messages. The AlertUs groups were not displaying accurately on our application.
  • NOAA Alert Not Sent
    NOAA alerts were not sent when alert types Recipient Address Based and Country Based were used. We fixed the errors in both scenarios.
  • Channel Recipient Preview
    The list of channel recipients did not display as expected. We fixed the issue with the pagination and loading of large lists.
  • Minor Bug Fixes
    We fixed a few bugs related to adding admins to groups, displaying the group membership count and the Message-In feature not functioning as expected. We also fixed the appearance of an error message while sending messages by uploading recipients using CSV.

Version: V2.0.43
Release Date: May 01, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • Export Channel List with Channel IDs
    We enable you to add Channel IDs in the CSV you get when exporting your organization channels. The channel ID check box is added under the Export All button on the channels tab.
  • Enhanced Voice Poll Response CSV
    We enhanced the voice poll response CSV with more fields such as voice poll ID, users’ unique details, recorded responses and their response key entry. You can use the API to fetch the voice poll response CSV.
  • Add and Update Contact Address Using the Map
    Admins and contacts can now add and update the address on the contact profile using a map. The Select Using Map button in the +Add another address section lets you enter the address on the map’s search field to locate it.
  • Updated Help Center page
    The help center page now has an enhanced appearance, information and a link to the new documentation site.
  • API to Retrieve Sent and Scheduled Messages
    You can now use our API to retrieve all messages based on their delivery date or subject. The list contains recipients, message details, status, delivery methods, sender data and replies. The query based on delivery date fetches scheduled messages as well.
  • API to Retrieve All Sent and Scheduled Vice Polls
    Use our API to retrieve all scheduled and sent voice polls based on their delivery date or title. The list contains the message details, recipients, status, delivery methods, sender data, poll questions and responses.
  • Blackbaud Processing Style With New Option
    We updated the name of the Blackbaud processing style Active Rooster to Add & Delete. The processing style adds Blackbaud’s new members to Regroup and deletes those not in Blackbaud. We added a new option to prevent deleting members in Regroup who are added directly to Regroup groups by any means other than Blackbaud.
  • Channel Opt-Out with FCC Recommendation
    We updated the channel opt-out checkbox help text with the FCC regulation. When you prevent subscribers from opting out of channel messages, they cannot stop receiving emails. However, per FCC regulations, recipients must be allowed to opt out of SMS and TTS.
  • Enhanced Responsive Alert Reports
    We enhanced the responsive alerts message report with a pie chart displaying the count and percentage of responses. You can view and download a report with recipient details and response methods. You can also reply to recipients who sent a specific response.
  • Email Digest from Channels
    You can set up a channel email digest if your subscribers receive too many emails. Email digest sends a single email enlisting all emails you send from the channel. Contacts and subscribers can choose the frequency for the digest as Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
  • Web Poll with Multiple Questions and Answering Methods
    We are introducing a new premium add-on feature, Web Poll, enabling you to send multiple questions to recipients and record their responses. We provide multiple customization options with question types, the appearance of questions and response methods.
  • Comprehensive Web Poll Reports
    We are also introducing a comprehensive report for Web Polls. The report comes with a pie diagram of categories of answers. You can view individual responses and download a CSV file with all questions and answers.
  • Date Range in the Organization’s Message Usage Report
    The Usage Reports page in the Organization Settings is now enhanced. You can select weekly, monthly, yearly or a custom date range to generate usage reports. The report contains a bar chart with the number of messages per delivery method, and you can also view and download the detailed usage report.
  • Custom Attributes for Groups and Channels
    We have new Group and Channel Management tabs inside the organization settings to manage groups, channels and their custom attributes. You assign custom attributes to groups and channels to filter, search or export them as sets. Use custom attributes to sort message summaries or usage reports and get lists using API.
Bugs Fixes
  • NOAA Alerts and Channel Quite Hours
    Some recipients received NOAA alerts during the channel’s quiet hours, and some received alerts from areas not configured for them. We fixed both issues.
  • Manage Subscriber Permission
    You can now use the permission Manage Subscriber to add and remove subscribers and manage all tasks under the Subscribers section.
  • NOAA Configurations and Quite Hours
    Our system failed to copy-paste quiet hours for multiple alert events. And in some scenarios, saving the NOAA configurations also failed. We fixed it.
  • Application Loading Time
    Our system took a long time to load some pages in the Canadian network. We fixed the latency issue.
  • Admin Login Using Customized Sign-in Page
    The customized sign-in page for the non-SSO admin users did not function as expected. We fixed the issue.
  • Custom Attribute Filters
    To ensure the privacy of contact information, we limited our custom attribute filters to filter contacts only from groups the admin has access.

Version: V2.0.42
Release Date: April 06, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • Import Members from Blackbaud Lists to Regroup Groups
    You can now import your Blackbaud members to Regroup using Blackbaud Lists as well as the Blackbaud Roles. You can choose multiple Blackbaud List IDs and add their members to new or existing Regroup groups.
  • New Desktop Alert Download Link
    We updated the desktop alert page with new links to download the desktop alert client. We also removed the connection settings details. You can contact Regroup for connection settings.
  • Sign-up Embed Now Allows Phone and Email Sign Ups
    You can now allow subscribers to sign up to your organization with either an email address or phone number. Previously they could only use a specific method you select as Required on the Organization Signup page. Now you can deselect both.
  • Full Address not Mandatory While Updating Contact Profile
    When updating the contact profiles in the web application, the address field, city and state won’t appear as mandatory fields now. You can create and update contact profiles using web, CSV or API import if the profiles contain zip code and country code.
  • Display of the Organization and Channel Web Sign-Up Embeds
    We added more display options for the sign-up embed. You can now align the sign-up page’s logo, title and message to the left, right or center. You can also select a different background, font and accent color.
Bugs Fixes
  • Unresponsive Page When Adding Recipients Using Map
    Some of you received an unresponsive page when adding recipients using the map to send ad-hoc messages. We fixed the unresponsive page error.
  • Default Subject Prefix to Display Dynamic Value
    We added a help text to clarify how the default subject prefix field works. When sending messages to channel, group or individuals using the Use Default Prefix: [Organization Name] option, the subject displays the channel, group or organization name, respectively as the prefix.
  • Custom Attribute Filters not Adding Contacts to Groups
    We fixed the issue with the custom attribute filters. It was not adding contacts records matched with your filter criteria into groups.
  • SMS Replies not Appearing on the Web UI
    Our system did not display the SMS replies on the web UI. We fixed the issue to display all the replies on the Web UI.
  • LDAP Sync Processing Style Add and Remove
    LDAP Sync did not behave as expected when the processing style Add and Remove was used. We refined it to filter and add contacts to groups as expected.
  • Filter Recipients Added Using the Map
    When adding recipients using the map, the filter by groups feature wasn’t displaying filtered recipients on the new message page. We fixed filtering and the display of filtered recipients.
  • Map Region Timeout
    When adding contacts using the map, our system timed out before listing all the contacts. We optimized the map to list all contacts even when the map region is densely populated with contacts.
  • Ability to Modify the Include Link to Full Post Checkbox
    When updating the form field templates, some of you could not modify the Include Link to Full Post in SMS/Text Messages checkbox. We fixed the issue, enabling modifications and saving.
  • Membership Adition Using the Add and Remove Processing Style
    When adding a group member to multiple groups using SFTP, they were not correctly imported when listed in separate rows of the CSV. We fixed the processing style to function irrespective of the entry in the CSV.

Version: V2.0.41
Release Date: March 21, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • Send Dynamic SMS and Calls (TTS) Using CSV
    The new feature lets you send dynamic SMS, calls (TTS) or mobile app notifications by uploading a CSV file. Dynamic messaging allows you to send a single message text with dynamic placeholders. The system delivers the message replacing the placeholders with information in the CSV that applies to each recipient.
  • Call Back to Enter Poll Response for Missed Voice Polls
    We understand that voice poll calls can get dropped off before recipients complete their poll response. The new feature allows recipients to call back, authenticate using their phone number or PIN, listen to the last voice poll and register their responses.
  • Create and Link Contact Profiles for Manually Added Admins
    When creating group admins manually, you are now provided with a checkbox to create a contact profile and link it with that admin. The new contact is added to the group in which admin is added only when there are no existing contact profiles with the same primary email address.
  • Enable Address Field on Web Sign-Up Page
    You can now require subscribers to enter their primary address when they sign up for your organization. You can mark the address field option as hidden or required on the personal information section of the web sign-up page.
  • JavaScript Embed Code for RSS Web Publication
    You can now use the JavaScript Regroup widget to display the latest RSS posts on your website. The script retrieves and displays the RSS feed from designated channels and hides the placeholder if no feeds are found.
  • Custom Domain for Message-In Channels
    You can now use a custom email domain for Message-In channels. Contact Regroup to change the email address domain.
Bugs Fixes
  • Disabling the SSO Bypass Link
    Our application displayed the SSO bypass link (link to log in without the SSO) on the login page of some organizations after they disabled it. We fixed the issue by disabling it in all instances.
  • Group Creation Permission for Organization Admins
    Manually added Organization Admins were unable to create new groups. We fixed it, enabling them with all permissions.
  • Mandatory Sender Profiles to Disable Modifications
    Changing the sender profile from the channel was possible even when you had enabled the mandatory sender profile at the organization level. We locked the sender profile modification option when the mandatory sender profile is set.
  • Adding Contact with Phone Number Starting with 945
    We fixed the issue where you could not manually add contacts to the application when their phone number started with 945.

Version: V2.0.40
Release Date: March 07, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • Send NOAA Weather Alerts Based on Contacts’ Addresses
    You can now send NOAA alerts based on the address in your contacts’ profiles. Alerts are triggered to a channel when NOAA broadcasts alerts that fit the alert type you set. The new alert type, Recipient Address Based, triggers alerts when the alert is broadcasted for the contact’s address.
  • New Permission to Create Groups
    Admins can now create groups only if they have the new Create Groups permission in at least one of their roles. This also enables them with all the permissions for a group. Admins can now add a parent group to any group only if they have edit group permission for the parent group.
  • Forward Open Discussion Replies from Channels
    You can now set up a channel to forward its recipients’ replies to the channel admins, message author or all recipients. With the open discussion settings, recipients can reply to the channel, and the new feature enables forwarding these replies as email, SMS or mobile app notifications.
  • Organization Sign-Up Page Enhancements
    The organization sign-up page now has separate tabs to enable signup using the web, embed links and mobile app. We also made selecting a default channel mandatory to ensure adding subscribers to at least one channel. The mobile signup section with the registration code is also available here.
  • Use Multiple Choice Attributes in the CSV and API Imports
    You can now use the Multiple Choice Attributes in the CSV and API import. Ensure to use the exact value for each attribute. The Multiple Choice Attribute located in the Contact Management section was previously called the Fixed Value Custom Attribute.
  • Example CSV to Upload Recipients While Messaging
    We provide an example CSV file to help you add recipients using CSV while sending messages. The example CSV file is added in the tooltip at the Select Recipient via CSV button of the new message page.
  • Canadian Flag and Code Set as Default for Canadian Networks
    We made Canada the default country in our Canadian network applications. The Canadian network phone number fields now display the Canadian flag and country code by default.
  • Export the List of Users Who Downloaded the Mobile App
    You can now export the list of contacts who downloaded the mobile app. The export option on the All Contact page now contains the details of users who downloaded the mobile app. We display the total number of downloads on the dashboard.
  • Web Sign-Up Page In Spanish
    You can now change the language of the web sign-up page from English to Spanish or vice versa. Users can choose Spanish from the web sign-up page’s top right corner.
Bugs Fixes
  • Some of you could not share message templates with groups named with less than three alphabets. We fixed the sharing permissions to list out all the groups.
  • Blackbaud sync gave errors while using filters such as Parents Only, Roles and Year. We fixed them to function correctly.

Version: V2.0.39
Release Date: Feb 20, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • Link to Full Message in SMS Sent Using Email-In:
    We added a short link in text messages sent using the Email-In feature. Recipients can click the link to open the whole message in a browser. Email-In allows you to email a message to the channel email ID to trigger a channel message.
  • Set Group Processing Style While Importing Groups
    While importing groups using the CSV and API, you can now set up how the system process each group’s membership imports. The new processing style options are listed in the sample CSV you download from the Create Group section.
  • Paste Images directly into the Message Body
    Adding images to your messages is simplified. You can now copy-paste any images into the message body when entering the content.
  • Location of Recipients Added Using Map Shown in Sent Messages
    The map location used to add message recipients now appears on the Message Details page of sent messages. You can click on each recipient highlighted in the map to locate them.
  • Responsive Alert Enhancements
    You can now end responsive alerts before their set duration. The End Message button is available on the Replies tab of the sent message. We also added an option to set up additional responsive questions while creating the template.
  • Regroup IP Addresses to Whitelist Servers for LDAP
    We understand that you need to whitelist the Regroup IP addresses to configure LDAP SSO and Active Directory sync. We are displaying the IPs in the Contact Management section’s SSO tab.
  • Unique Identifiers in the Organization Contacts Reports
    We added the user name and external database ID in the organization contact report. You can export the Excel sheet listing contacts who opted out, unsubscribed or has invalid contact information from the Organization Contacts.
  • Fixed Value Attributes are No Longer Case Sensitive
    We enhanced the fixed attributes to have noncase-sensitive values. You can define fixed attribute values in any letter case to list them to the contacts.
  • Access Contact Profile While Sending Messages and Viewing Replies
    We made the contact profile accessible while sending messages and viewing replies. You can open contact profiles by previewing recipients on the New Message page. The view contact option is also available on any chat in the Replies tab.
  • UI Enhancements
    We enhanced the appearance of titles and texts in our application.
Bugs Fixes
  • Adding and Updating Primary Email
    Our security updates have prevented some of you from updating or adding your primary email. We fixed it, enabling you to add and verify a secondary email to promote it as primary.
  • Removing Default Channels
    While setting the organization sign-up, removing a channel saved as default wasn’t working as expected. We fixed it to allow you to remove default channels.
  • Voice Poll Timeout and Viewing Recipient Groups
    We fixed the voice polling feature to not timeout when sent to large recipient groups. We also made the list of recipient groups accessible on the Message Details page of voice polls.

Version: V2.0.38
Release Date: Feb 03, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • Excluding Contact Information in the Import Confirmation Email
    You can now set up the contact import for complete privacy for your imported contact data. You can disable displaying the imported contact data in import confirmation emails and import logs.
  • Registration Code for Organization Sign-up Using Mobile App
    The registration code for the organization sign-up using the mobile app is now placed in the Channels section. Since subscribers must subscribe to a channel to be part of the organization, we placed it under the channel’s subscription section.
  • Pending Subscription Approval for Channel Admins
    We improved the subscription approval process by enabling only admins of respective channels to receive the approval requests. The organization admins no longer receive the pending subscriber emails.
  • Create Both Admin and Contact Users with One Usertype
    We created a hybrid user type – admin|contact for the CSV import of users through the web or SFTP. This user type creates admin and contact users simultaneously and links them with only one set of credentials and an identifier.
  • Group ID Column in the SFTP Import Response File
    We have added a Group IDs column in the response file of the SFTP import using a CSV file. The column lists the IDs of all newly created groups for your quick reference.
  • Upload Message Recipients Using CSV File
    You can now upload a list of recipients using a CSV file while sending messages. The contacts listed in the CSV must have at least one identifier, such as primary email, username or database ID.
  • UnifiedFX Integration
    We have integrated our system with UnifiedFX. You can now send text messages to be delivered in audio or vibrate mode on the recipient’s Cisco phones. Contact Regroup to enable this add-on.
  • UI Enhancements
    We enhanced the appearance of the Post New Message page and the New Conference Call page.
Bugs Fixes
  • Blackbaud Syncing
    We fixed the filters used to sync Blackbaud roles with our system. Now you can seamlessly create groups in our system using various filter combinations of Blackbaud roles or graduation year.
  • Blackbaud Connection Failure
    We fixed the issues with the Blackbaud connection authentication due to token expiration and API response.
  • Opted-out Phone Type Affecting the Phone Number
    Contacts with the same phone number in multiple phone types didn’t receive some messages. When they opted out of receiving messages in a phone type, our system opted the number out, affecting multiple phone types. We fixed opting out to affect only phone types.
  • Saving Contact Profile Updates and Communication Preferences
    The issue with saving contact profile updates is fixed. You can now save the contact’s preferences on receiving messages and other updates seamlessly.
  • Urgent Channels Sending Non-Urgent Messages Using Message-In
    Messages sent using the Message-In feature from channels set for urgent use were delivered as non-urgent. We fixed the shortcodes of urgent channels to send only urgent messages.

Version: V2.0.37
Release Date: Jan 20, 2023

New or Updated Features
  • More Options to Filter Voice Poll Responses
    You can now filter the voice poll responses based on the poll options, any response or no response. Recipients who answered the call but haven’t given a response now appear under the category “No Response”.
  • Switching Between Linked Contact or Admin Profiles
    Switching to your linked contact or admin profiles is now possible without signing in a second time. You can click the My Contact Profile or My Admin Profile option in the profile menu to go directly to the other account.
  • Service Provider Metadata for SSO Configuration
    We added a service provider (SP) metadata link on the SAML SSO configuration page. We understand that some SSO vendors require our metadata to use IDP.
  • Schedule Message Updates
    You can schedule a date and time to send updates to messages. While sending updates, you can also preview the recipient, subject and message content.
  • NOAA Alert Location Displayed on Map
    The Message Details page of your location-based NOAA alerts is updated with a map. The map shows the polygon from NOAA that covers the address you enter as the alert location.
  • RSS Messaging Using Form Fields
    Now you can use Form Field in RSS messaging as well. You can select email, text, RSS, call (TTS/Voice) and Regroup mobile as delivery methods to send messages using the Form Field templates.
  • Improved Form Fields Selection
    We also made selecting form fields while creating message templates easy. You can scroll through all your form fields in the Insert Form Field dropdown.
  • Pages Listing Up To 500 Items
    Now you can choose to see 15 to 500 items listed on each page of our application. Earlier, each page listed up to 50 items.
  • Simplified Quiet Hours Settings
    We improved how you set up quiet hours to stop receiving non-urgent messages. Time and date selection in the contact profile is simplified.
  • Enhanced Message Content Searchability
    Searching the message replies is now enhanced. You can search the conversations using any word in the message content or the recipient’s name.
  • FCC Complaint Information in Text-To-Join Welcome Messages
    We added FCC complaint information to the welcome message subscribers receive when they join your organization using the text-to-join feature. This is required by the law. The FCC complaint information and your subscription codes are sent separately. Bugs Fixes
Bugs Fixes
  • We fixed the error when sending quick messages using the mobile app.
  • The issue with some of your message replies not displaying on the replies page is also fixed.