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emergency notificationsRegroup’s cloud-based emergency notification platform was designed with the needs of emergency management professionals, like you, in mind. We provide you with the tools you need to save lives, property and continuity of operations. Tools such as: 

– An easy-to-use, yet comprehensive unified communications interface
– Multiple fail-safe measures to ensure critical alerts can always be launched
– APIs to automate your emergency notification process & accelerate transmission of critical alerts
– Methods for collecting on-the-scene intelligence to increase situational awareness
– Unlimited all-hazards notification templates that you can create & upload in advance


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Emergency Notifications - Key Features


Critical Alerting On-the-Fly

Whether you’re in the office or in the field, you’ll have the ability to rapidly launch critical alerts and coordinate response efforts with your team. From computers, smartphones, tablets and landlines, you’ll always be able to sound the alarm.

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Automated Critical Alerts

Accelerate transmission of critical alerts and reduce the margin for human error by automating your emergency notification process. Issue evacuation orders or instruct people to shelter-in-place, automatically, without any human intervention.

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Unified Emergency Communications

When every second counts, you can rapidly transmit critical alerts to multiple communication channels simultaneously, including: digital signage, PA systems, websites and social media — all with a single click from our user-friendly interface.

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Real-Time Incident Analytics

Real-time analytics alert you to delivery failures of critical alerts, empowering you to take another course of action to reach all intended recipients. Save valuable time and ensure recipients have the ability to take necessary steps to get out of harm’s way.

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IVR Interactive Polling

Facilitate greater information sharing and increase situational intelligence through interactive polls that provide recipients with multiple ways to respond. Account for employee safety, solicit volunteers and determine availability of resources.

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TipSafe Anonymous Incident Reporting

Have the ability to encourage witnesses, bystanders and other members of the public to provide on-the-scene reports directly from their smartphones. Anonymous text messages are delivered in a variety of formats, across multiple devices.

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Critical Alerting On-the-Fly

Send thousands of messages with just one click

There isn't always time to manually push critical alerts through all communication channels and devices being used to alert employees and stakeholders to danger. Regroup takes a multimodal approach to emergency communications to help you maximize resources and ensure critical alerts can be broadcast rapidly.

An easy-to-use, intuitive web interface lets you launch critical alerts from your laptop, smartphone or tablet to all communication channels and devices you leverage during emergencies. Simply select the applicable contact paths, compose a message or upload a pre-designed template, and click send. Critical alerts will then be transmitted simultaneously to all those selected.

Alert people, not devices

No two people have the exact same preferences for sending and receiving messages. We provide you with unlimited recipient contact paths and devices, enabling you to effectively and efficiently reach all intended recipients.

From a laptop, smartphone or tablet, simultaneously broadcast critical alerts to:

– Multiple user email accounts, cell phones and landlines
– Social media networks
– Websites & portals
– PA systems
– Digital signage
– Desktop alerting systems & beacons
– Outdoor sirens
– Security & fire alarm systems
– RSS feeds
– Cable TV systems
– Private/public message boards & forums
– IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert & Warning System)

Carry your ENS wherever you go

AlertManager mobile app for iOS and Android empowers you to leverage the full capabilities of Regroup Mass Notification from the palm of your hand. Broadcast secure, two-way messages from mobile devices, and push notifications ensure critical alerts are received even when other communication channels and infrastructure are saturated or down.

AlertManager facilitates effective, two-way communication and recipients can respond to alerts with their current status and location. Create an unlimited amount of event-specific Quick Post buttons (e.g., tornado, fire, active shooter) to quickly alert recipients to danger. Quick Posts also allow recipients to report suspicious activity, the location of a suspect and other critical information.

Effective communication when you need it the most

When adverse conditions lead to widespread power outages, overloaded communication infrastructure and impassable roads, it’s critical to have fail-safe measures in place to ensure responders can effectively communicate and respond to the crisis — from anywhere, from any device.
The following fail-safes for launching emergency notifications help you keep the lines of communication open during a crisis:

– Text in from a smartphone or tablet
– Email in from external email accounts
– Use a landline to call our 24/7 emergency support team
– Regroup’s Messaging API
– Via web interface from any web-enabled device
– CAP message


Automated Critical Alerts

Automated Critical Alerts 

Set it and forget it! Focus on the important stuff

Automated content-triggered messaging empowers you to predetermine which parameters and preconfigured rules will automatically trigger an alert. Regroup then works hand-in-hand with existing processes and systems to automate emergency notification protocols to accelerate broadcasting critical alerts and reduce the margin for human error.

Automatically — without any human intervention — broadcast critical alerts via:

– Messaging API
– IPAWS integration
– NWS/NOAA integration
– Scheduling system integration
– Business continuity system integration
– Website post a message page
– Automated ad hoc messaging
– Any other communication-related system with API capabilities

Unified Emergency Communications

Integrate with platforms you already use

Regroup seamlessly integrates with third-party systems and processes, providing you with a unified emergency notification solution. When all your systems work as one, you have the ability to rapidly reach people both within your facility and off-site to alert them to danger. In addition to native integrations, our development team will gladly work with you on any custom integrations you require.

An integrated notification solution combined with our versatile API Suite empowers you to automate many processes, such as broadcasting critical alerts, two-way database sync and group management. Integrate our mass communication platform with:

– Single Sign-On Authentication Systems
– Desktop, Digital Display & Beacon Alerts
– Alarm Systems (e.g., fire, security)
– Business Continuity & Scheduling Systems
– Higher Education Products
– Pagers & IP Telephones
– Outdoor Siren Systems
– Third-Party Databases
– Public Address & Cable TV Systems
– Websites/Portals & RSS Feeds
– Social Media

Automated Critical Alerts

Real-Time Incident Analytics 

Reporting done right 

You’ll have comprehensive analytics to provide real-time reporting and create paper trails to more easily comply with applicable notification and reporting requirements (e.g., Clery Act, DOE Opportunity Act of 2008), and satisfy the National Preparedness Plan, NIMS, Homeland Security Target Capabilities, including citizen evacuation and shelter-in-place protection, along with other requirements for remaining compliant.

Following the onset of a crisis and broadcasting critical alerts, easily and quickly confirm, in real time, the status of critical alerts sent via text, TTS, voice and email to ensure alerts have been delivered to all intended recipients. Real-time analytics enable you to take alternative steps to reach recipients who experienced a delivery failure.

IVR Interactive Polling

Ask questions, get answers, save lives

Leveraging real-time IVR polling during a crisis provides you with greater information-sharing capabilities, which in turn improves the decision-making process during natural disasters, fires, active shooter incidents and other potentially life-threatening events.

Increased situational intelligence is needed during a crisis to enhance emergency response efforts, and sometimes just yes/no answers are not enough. IVR Interactive Polling empowers you to:

– Identify the location and availability of needed resources
– Request volunteers and have them confirm their availability
– Allow recipients to record on-the-scene reports
– And much more


TipSafe Anonymous Incident Reporting 

Stay one step ahead

TipSafe allows you to proactively collect situational intelligence and stay ahead of potential crises by empowering you to receive anonymous tips and on-the-scene reports from witnesses, bystanders, victims and other members of the public sent from their mobile phone. The system’s versatility provides for anonymous two-way texting and anonymous tips are routed to appropriate personnel in a variety of formats, across multiple devices.

– As a text or voice message on mobile phones
– As an email on computers, tablets and other Internet-enabled devices
– As a voice recording that can be routed to a dedicated voicemail system

Because TipSafe integrates with Regroup’s mass notification platform, you won’t have to utilize multiple systems and can manage all your communications from one user-friendly interface.

We’re Serious About Security

We’re serious about protecting your data. We leverage multiple data centers and our platform is fully redundant. Regroup is protected by high security standards and server hardening measures, including:

– SSL security
– OS-level firewall
– Authorization bypass security
– Cross-site scripting (XSS) security
– Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) security
– SQL injection security

About Regroup

Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, Regroup Mass Notification is an emerging leader in critical and non-critical mass communication technology.

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