Regroup Ready Winner

San Francisco Fire Department Neighborhood Emergency Response Team Recognized for Readiness in First Annual Regroup Ready Award

Regroup Mass Notification, provider of a powerful and easy-to-use mass communication platform, today announced the winner of the first annual Regroup Ready Award, the San Francisco Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team. 

The Regroup Ready award program was created to recognize and reward organizations or institutions that are using the Regroup Mass Notification platform in exceptional or creative ways to keep people safe and informed. Nominations included clients that use day-to-day communications to save time and money, and those whose emergency notifications made a clear difference during urgent situations.

After receiving dozens of nominations from schools, healthcare organizations, businesses, churches and communities that are using Regroup in a variety of ways, Regroup selected the San Francisco Fire Department’s (SFFD) Neighborhood Emergency Response Team as its 2019 Regroup Ready award winner. The nomination stood out because of the critical role played by communication in training, coordinating and deploying volunteers to help neighbors during disasters and emergencies. 

The SFFD Neighborhood Emergency Response Team has leveraged Regroup to assist in the training of over 1,000 volunteers and leaders in 50 San Francisco neighborhoods. Multi-modal messaging capabilities and reporting have been instrumental in organizing volunteers for deployment. “We send a custom short text with full details in the correlated email, and have had great success with the response. This allowed us to send volunteers to support residents in the Counties north of San Francisco after the devastating fires,” wrote Capt. Erica Arteseros, who submitted the nomination. “Additionally, we have been able to create groups for each neighborhood leader to administer messages to the volunteers who live in their area… Team leaders message volunteers about activities they are having at the neighborhood team level.” Arteseros highlights the flexibility of Regroup’s platform and its usefulness in equipping team leaders with the ability to communicate quickly and effectively.

“We created a platform for organizations to reach their entire community in an easy and expedient way,” says Chris Utah, COO of Regroup Mass Notification. “Every year, we are impressed by how many creative ways our clients use Regroup. The Regroup Ready Award was created to shine the light on how they’re using our system to keep people safe from danger, and informed every day. We’re proud to honor the SFFD  Neighborhood Emergency Response Team and highlight the work they’re doing to bring volunteers together to help their neighbors during critical situations.”

As the 2019 Regroup Ready Award Winner, the SFFD Neighborhood Emergency Response Team received a physical award to display at its office and a $500 donation to an eligible charity or nonprofit of its choice.

To learn more about the award and ways in which organizations across the nation use Regroup for emergency and day-to-day mass communication, schedule a demo here.

Regroup Ready Award

The Regroup Ready Award is a program created to highlight the efforts of those who go above-and-beyond by using mass notifications to serve their organizations or communities. The program includes the use of day-to-day communications that save time and money to improve daily operations. It also recognizes organizations that use Regroup’s advanced communication technology to keep people informed in emergencies including fires, active shooter situations, natural disasters, and more.