Survey Says 46% of 630 Campuses Don’t Have Enough Staff to Respond Appropriately to Emergencies

In Campus Safety Magazine’s 2013 Yearbook they included the results of their 2012 Opinion Survey that included responses from over 630 campus protection stakeholders to a variety of questions.

The results of the survey sheds light on several critical campus safety issues, such as:

  • Almost half (46%) of respondents said their public safety/emergency management departments do not have enough staff to respond appropriately to incidents.

  • Over a quarter said their campus is not adequately prepared to respond to an active shooter or bomber incident.

  • 87% of the respondents said their public safety departments’ and institutions’ relationships are well-developed and fully functional with agencies from surrounding communities and other jurisdictions.

  • 75% indicated that their institutions’ top administrators take campus safety and security seriously.

This data underscores the real need campuses have for an Emergency Notification System that will save time and reduce the manpower needed to effectively respond to campus incidents; as well as, utilize to the fullest those well-developed relationships with outside agencies and public safety officials.

Real-time, two-way communications would enable an administrator to appropriately control and coordinate the sharing of information between public safety agencies and emergency management departments to maximize efficiency during times of a campus incident – ensuring everyone is on the same page, so available manpower is being utilized in the most effective way possible.

During times like this when colleges across America are faced with reduced funding that requires them to stretch financial resources as far as possible and operate with less personnel, a cost-effective one-click Emergency Notification Service is a way for campuses to get a lot of bang for their buck – without sacrificing  campus safety and security.

Click here to read the complete 2012 Opinion Survey results.

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