Regroup’s Mass Notification System Update: Improved User Management

User management iconWith this new feature, administrators are able to edit a user’s contact details via Regroup`s Mass Notification System easily through a variety of areas. Network level administrators can navigate to the ‘Admin Settings” Tab and select the network followed by clicking on the ‘Users’ Tab. Alternatively, group level administrators can make changes from the group homepage. They can select the ‘Group Members’ tab which allows searching for users and editing of any selected user. This makes it simple to make any necessary changes and save the new contact details, which will be effective immediately and work across all groups.

Improved User Management is another way Regroup is making our already easy to use Mass Notifications System even more streamlined! For more information on Regroup, or for a free  live demo, contact us at 775-476-8710 or use the live chat feature on the bottom right corner of your screen.