What people say

District Director of Information Services
Deborah Ludford

“In one word, Regroup is a partnership. We’ve developed a great relationship in which we’ve developed exciting solutions and we’ve only begun.”

SUNY Schenectady
Dean of Student Affairs
Martha Asselin

"Regroup is a great tool for communicating in the event of a campus crisis. It ensures business continuity should we need to close due to an emergency. I am very impressed!"

Tennessee State University
Associate Vice President for Administration
Curtis Johnson Ph.D.

Hinds Community College
Russell Wood

Southeast Community College
Assistant Campus Director
Paula Young

Regroup is a powerful mass messaging tool. We were founded at Stanford University ten years ago to solve the need that large organizations have for effective messaging across various methods. See how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by taking a look at our comparison chart:

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Emergency Messaging

Regroup offers a one-click multi-platform emergency notifications system that can send out messages via: email, text message/SMS, voice broadcast, your own website, RSS, pagers and mobile devices, and even social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Text and Voice Broadcast

Sending out mass text messages/SMS or voice broadcasts with Regroup is simple and reliable. Via our one-click web interface, you can send thousands of texts and calls per minute. Communicate with people where they are with Regroup!

E-mail Marketing

Regroup can be used as a robust e-mail marketing tool. Send personalized and customized emails and newsletters to recipients, while tracking statistics and marketing data with our reporting and analytics section. Unlimited groups and number of emails!

Next-Gen Listservs

Many institutions have replaced their difficult to manage and old-fashioned email list managers with Regroup’s next-generation platform. We offer an easy-to-use web 2.0 interface, a searchable and editable (wiki-like) knowledge repository for each topic, threaded topic views, unlimited group creation, archiving, digests, rich HTML content for newsletters, opt-in and opt-out options, and more.Regroup is a fully-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mailing list manager platform, saving you the trouble of software or server installation and maintenance.

Forums and Message Boards

Regroup’s platform becomes a searchable, editable knowledge repository and content management system (CMS) for your school, organization, or enterprise. Improve culture and cohesiveness with an innovative intranet 2.0 product. Embed the form-like view into your own website:

Clubs and Groups

With Regroup, administrators and students can use our platform for day-to-day usage, from course groups to Chess Clubs to administrative use like Student Affairs, the Registrar’s office, Financial Aid, Alumni Affairs, Development, Athletics, and Careers. Grow student engagement while empowering your campus with an easy-to-use communications tool.