What people say

District Director of Information Services
Deborah Ludford

“In one word, Regroup is a partnership. We’ve developed a great relationship in which we’ve developed exciting solutions and we’ve only begun.”

SUNY Schenectady
Dean of Student Affairs
Martha Asselin

"Regroup is a great tool for communicating in the event of a campus crisis. It ensures business continuity should we need to close due to an emergency. I am very impressed!"

Tennessee State University
Associate Vice President for Administration
Curtis Johnson Ph.D.

Hinds Community College
Russell Wood

Southeast Community College
Assistant Campus Director
Paula Young

Partners and Integrations

Ellucian Higher Education

Ellucian is a merger between two education technology giants: Datatel and SunGard Higher Education. Regroup is Ellucian’s official emergency notifications provider and won their 2011 Emerging Partner of the Year award due to our superior product, service, and rapid growth within Higher Education. Regroup integrates with Ellucian products like Colleague, Portal, Banner and Luminis.

Jenzabar, Peoplesoft, and Other Database Integrations

Regroup provides an easy to use solution to integrate with third-party databases such as Jenzabar, Peoplesoft, Pearson PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS), and more. Our system allows you to easily and automatically import user data to our system to be processed and uploaded into (or removed from) groups. For more details, please visit


Regroup’s integration with social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter allows users to post messages simultaneously out through social media. The 18-25 year old demographic spends 25% of total online time on social media, and important alerts are now able to be searched and found in “real-time” when they are integrated with Facebook and Twitter.

Your Website

Regroup integrates with your own website to seamlessly provide a way for web-goers to view recent alerts. For several examples of this, please visit our helpdesk topic about website integrations here .


Regroup’s Blackboard Learn integration enables faculty, administrators, and course instructors to easily send text messages or SMS to students within Blackboard Learn. They can also choose to simultaneously post messages via announcements and email.


Regroup has formed a successful partnership with Parature, a global leader in web-based customer service software Regroup implemented a new Parature widget that enables text messages from Customer Service Representatives to customers. This allows for a quicker time-to-close on tickets, a more personal touch for customers, and an additional option for customers who prefer text messages to email.

LDAP / Open LDAP / CAS / Shibboleth

Regroup offers a convenient single sign-on option which can integrate with an existing LDAP, Open LDAP, CAS, or Shibboleth infrastructure. This option allows end-users the ability to sign-in with their existing credentials. The implementation consists of enabling our IP addresses, sharing connection details, and activating the authentication process for the login and/or embeds. Regroup does not store passwords. The system can be setup to validate against both the LDAP and/or our database in order for non-LDAP users to join groups. More information is available on our helpdesk here.

Desktop, Digital Display, and Beacon Alerts

Regroup integrates easily with Alertus Technologies, as well as in-building, outdoor and local area alert systems to produce a seamless emergency notification network that covers everything from text-to-speech interfaces for PA and fire systems, alert beacons, sirens, digital signage, desktop alerts, IP phones and TV screens. Consistent messages can be targeted and immediately sent to in-building and outdoor alert systems as well to mobile, social media, email and web. This can be done all at the same time from Regroup’s easy to use, one-click multi-platform mass notifications system.

SARS Software Products

Regroup integrates with SARS Appointment Scheduling and Reporting System to allow users to establish and set their own preferred triggers for automatically initiating a message through Regroup. Automatically send appointment/deadline reminders, notices of missed appointments/deadlines or any other type of event triggered message – the possibilities are endless!

Adirondack Solutions

Regroup’s integration with Adirondack’s “The Housing Director” allows users to easily manage dorm room vacancies. Regroup’s powerful Messaging API send text notifications from within The Housing Director System to quickly alert members to a vacancy.

ESRI GIS Mapping Software, Solutions & Services

ESRI provides Geo-Mapping Data to state/local government agencies for a wide variety of uses including emergency messaging. We have the ability to import an ESRI Map Document (MXD) and allow our clients to use this as a base map in our Geo-Targeting service, to draw a multi-point polygon shape on the map to deliver a notification to the users located within the boundaries of the polygon.

Digital Signage

Regroup seamlessly integrates with leading digital signage providers including Four Winds, Visix and Crestron to easily trigger the display of notifications. Messages and alerts can be posted either through Regroup’s intuitive “Post a Message” page (simultaneously with other communication channels) or automatically via a secure URL that is polled for content to trigger the notification to digital signage.

Additional Siren & Public Address Systems

Integrating Regroup with sirens and Public Address (PA) systems such as ATI, Visiplex and Valcom unifies mass communication technologies to quickly and effectively reach employees, students and visitors en masse. When time is of the essence, one click of your mouse will push critical alerts to sirens and PA systems, along with cell phones, landlines, email, social media and more.


Syn-Apps provides Paging and Mass Notification solutions designed to improve business processes, increase safety, and streamline internal and external communication. Our flagship software, SA-Announce, provides a single point-of-activation used to rapidly dispatch notifications when situations strike. SA-Announce integrates with IP phones, paging systems, IP speakers, analog systems, and hundreds of other systems and services.

Governance and Emergency Management Canada Inc.

Founded in 2005, Governance and Emergency Management Canada Inc. is a pioneer leader in the evolution of emergency management with an outstanding history through solid partnerships and national recognition. Their business is diversified as they apply expertise and experience to help organizations and communities in building capacity, capability, resilience and sustainability — crucial elements in the time of disruption and challenges.

Continuity Co., LLC

Continuity Co., LLC is a global provider of Risk Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services for businesses. They don’t just help companies to prepare – they enable them to Prevent, Recover, Profit.


Founded in 2003, CEMA is a full-service consulting firm that specializes in providing emergency planning, training, and exercises throughout the nation.


PowerSchool is the leading Student Information System (SIS) in North America with over 40 million users including students, parents, teachers and administrators. PowerSchool plays a central role in K12 education, serving as the hub of customers’ education ecosystems with robust features and APIs that allow education stakeholders to manage school processes and student data.

Solutions Consulting llc.

Solutions Consulting llc Solutions Consulting llc is your innovative source for business continuity and emergency operations planning. We leverage our continuous process improvement framework to tailor our suite of risk analysis, mitigation, management planning, and response training services to maximize scarce resources to meet the specific needs of your organization, thereby ensuring a more efficient response to any emergency, disaster, or security threat while helping you to save time, money, and lives.

AcroVista Software

AcroVista Software’s flagship BellCommander system provides paging and on-site emergency notification audio and visual alerts and scheduled audio for school bells, factory bells, and automated announcements and music. BellCommander integrates with traditional bell, PA, and phone systems and with the latest IP speakers and VoIP phone systems.

Bradley Emergency Services Consulting

Bradley provides full spectrum, comprehensive emergency and safety services to clients worldwide. From global threat assessment, security, executive protection, planning, business continuity, recruitment, response, medical services, fire services, public administration and training. Their premier training and product proving ground facility, at the USS Battleship New Jersey in Camden NJ, provides clients with a one of a kind, customizable environment. With Bradley, clients are guaranteed custom solutions and exceptional customer care 24×7, without having to deal with multiple providers. Bradley handles all aspects to provide clients the peace of mind in having a complete safety program.


DubLabs has helped over 140 schools go mobile with school branded mobile apps integrated to any SIS, LMS, CRM and more. Students can enroll in classes, pay bills, view course assignments, discussions and grades as well as other campus life activities. Check out to learn more or email


BlackBeltHelp is a leading provider of help desk products and services supporting Higher Education. With over 200 clients globally, BlackBeltHelp provides wide range of product and services to improve Help Desk administration and end user experience.


PrivInt is an internationally focused risk management advisory services firm that provides professional services to businesses who recognize that if they don’t manage risk, it will manage them. We specialize in Private Intelligence services providing threat, security and resilience management through an intelligent, full-spectrum risk management methodology: SURVEY | SECURE | SUSTAIN.

PurePoint International

PurePoint International provides affordable training and outsourced consulting Chief Security Officer Services (CSO) through an ecommerce portal focused on small and medium commercial enterprises, startups, and international non-profits. Learn more at

Foundation for California Community Colleges

The Foundation for California Community Colleges is the official nonprofit supporting the Chancellor’s Office and the California Community Colleges—the largest higher education system in the nation. This uniquely collaborative relationship allows the Foundation to support all 113 Community Colleges throughout the state through innovative, diverse, and far-reaching programs. These programs allow us to benefit our colleges while simultaneously improving education, environmental, and economic conditions for all California citizens.