Emergency Notification Systems Vital to Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts

An important factor in recovery following Hurricane Sandy will be the capabilities of local notification systems operated by government, education and the private sector.

“Local information and details are extremely important in recovery, such as; is my school open tomorrow, or when can I go back to the office, or when is my power coming back on?” said Regroup CEO Joe DiPasquale.

National emergency alert systems such as those operated by FEMA and NOAA are crucial during a crisis. They tell us the size and direction of an event. They tell us where to go and when. They deliver critical, life-saving information. However, after the immediate crisis has passed, these systems are too broad to help solve local problems.

“FEMA does not send you a text message or an email to let you know your high school has reopened,” said DiPasquale. “those are tasks that must be handled at the local level through local resources.”

While national emergency notification systems and relief organizations are always improving, historically, the recovery period is where they’ve received their most scathing reviews. Response and recovery efforts during Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina shined a spotlight on the gaps between national services and local needs. These organizations are simply not designed to deal with group level or special interest level communication.

In a press release issued earlier this week, Regroup announced that it is offering free emergency notification systems and mass messaging systems to businesses, schools and local government agencies to help them re-establish and maintain communications in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“We want to do our part to expedite the disaster recovery process and help those that can to return to their homes and their lives as quickly and safely as possible.” Mr. DiPasquale said.

“Regroup is enabling communities affected by Hurricane Sandy to quickly and easily reach their students, employees and families via text message (SMS), voice message, email, Facebook, Twitter, and more, all at once and at no cost,” the release stated.

Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey on October 29th, and left a trail of destruction through 13 US states. The storm was responsible for more than 110 deaths, tens of thousands homeless and loss of basic services for hundreds of thousands.

If your agency or organization was affected by Hurricane Sandy and would benefit from the use of a free emergency notification system or free mass messaging system to help in the recovery, please contact our Emergency Services Department at (775)-476-8710, or write us at