What people say

District Director of Information Services
Deborah Ludford

“In one word, Regroup is a partnership. We’ve developed a great relationship in which we’ve developed exciting solutions and we’ve only begun.”

SUNY Schenectady
Dean of Student Affairs
Martha Asselin

"Regroup is a great tool for communicating in the event of a campus crisis. It ensures business continuity should we need to close due to an emergency. I am very impressed!"

Tennessee State University
Associate Vice President for Administration
Curtis Johnson Ph.D.

Hinds Community College
Russell Wood

Southeast Community College
Assistant Campus Director
Paula Young

Regroup works with hundreds of clients within the educational, government, corporate and non-profit sectors. Case studies of selected Regroup partners are below.


Corporate and Non-Profit



North Orange County Community College District Emergency Notification System, Effective Mass Messaging Platform and Group Communications

The North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) has three major campuses, along with numerous other specialized locations within a 155 square mile area. With an enrollment of over 61,000 students and more than 2,500 employees, NOCCCD needed a more effective way to communicate between its district office and multiple campuses – both on a day-to-day basis and during an emergency situation.

There were several key factors that led to NOCCCD selecting Regroup for their emergency and mass communication needs versus the solutions offered by other providers. This included:

  • Integration with Banner® by Ellucian

  • Pricing and Speed of Message Delivery

  • Quality and Variety of Messaging Options

“Our previous system took a long time to complete message delivery. We were dependent on the telecoms for delivering SMS messages and we often found that our messages were viewed as spam or were throttled due to the volume of messages being sent. We also had to use several systems to get messages out depending on the type of message we need to send. Regroup changed all that for us. It is an affordable, one stop shop solution for all our messaging needs.”

~ Fredrick Rocha, District Manager, IT Applications Support with NOCCCD

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California State University Emergency Notifications

Located in the capital of the nation’s most populous and diverse state, California State University, Sacramento has a diverse student body of 28,500 and 98 percent of their full-time professors hold the highest degree in their fields.

Sacramento State partnered with Regroup to deliver urgent notifications to students, faculty and staff via all popular communication methods including text messages, phone calls and emails in the event of a critical situation that could cause harm or imminent danger. SAC State also uses Regroup to provide its campus community with recommendations for protective actions during incidents such as a campus shooting, hazmat spill, bomb threat or fire.

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University of Montana Emergency Notifications and Effective Messaging Platform

The University of Montana is home to around 15,000 students and their main campus spans 56 acres at the base of Mount Sentinel along the Clark Fork River. UM needed an effective Emergency & Mass Communication System that would corral all of their communication channels into one unified solution to reach their campus community rapidly in a crisis.

UM selected Regroup as their partner in emergency communications in part because “it demonstrated that it was built using current technologies. Many competing systems were evidently built using older client/server models . . . the cloud deployment makes it truly highly-available . . . it [Regroup] was by far the best value per dollar for our size.”

One way that UM utilizes Regroup to make day-to-day communications easier and more effective is by providing Access Updates to notify physically disabled or impaired members of the community about issues that would affect them from moving around campus, such as: elevator maintenance, blocked sidewalks or closed entries. “We allow public subscriptions via a Regroup widget embedded on our Disability Services web-page. Thus, anyone visiting campus can receive this information. Our staff find the tool very easy to use . . . the day-to-day usage provided us with peace of mind that the system gets tested daily.”

When it comes to the speed and ease of use when sending mass notifications through Regroup compared to their previous system, UM said: “Emergency: Night and Day! It Works!”

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Oklahoma City Community College Emergency Notifications and Effective Messaging Platform.

Before switching to Regroup emergency notifications platform, OCCC was unable to rely on its previous notification system to send out immediate alerts due to its complexity. During an incident, before they were able to use their inefficient emergency notification system they had in place at that time, students were already sending messages across their Twitter to each other. Now with Regroup’s effective emergency messaging platform, OCCC is able to broadcast immediate alerts to mobile phones via SMS/text message or voice message, multiple email accounts, and even social media like Facebook and Twitter. Single sign-on was implemented and website integration can be found at

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Southeast Community CollegeEmergency Notification System and Campus Safety

SCCC article on the launch:

Southeast Community College is one of the largest community colleges in the state of Nebraska. It services over 10,000 students in 3 main campuses. They have partnered with Regroup for all their emergency communication needs. As a school in a rural areas, many students and staff travel long distances to reach school; Regroup’s dependable messaging allows administrators communicate any school closures within minutes.

Together, Regroup and SCC launched the emergency notification system across all campuses with a strong marketing campaign encouraging student sign-up. The multi-campus implementation was managed out of the Milford campus with multiple training sessions with individual campus leaders and administrators. The smooth implementation helped build confidence with administrators, faculty, staff, and students alike. We look forward to weathering many more winter seasons together.

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Corporate and Non-Profit

American Chemical Society ACS

With more than 161,000 members worldwide, ACS needed a more advanced and effective corporate social network and listserv to communicate effectively with allmembers. Regroup multi-messaging platform offers a next-generation communication tool, where members can easily start up different groups and clubs; and with a click of a button, members can communicate with each other via emails, text messages, voice, website and forum posting or even social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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City & County of San Francisco
Effective Mass Messaging Platform and Group Communications

Regroup is used throughout the departments of the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF). The project was spearheaded by the Department of Technology (DT), held in high esteem for their presence at the forefront of emerging technologies. DT’s Customer Service Desk manages the use of IT solutions for 50+ departments and 30,000+ employees. Regroup makes their communications both easier and more effective, enabling them with the redundancy of a cloud-based SaaS solution, unlimited messaging, and mass texting and voice messaging abilities to both internal and external contacts. Other departments within CCSF that use Regroup include the Department of Emergency Management, Sheriff’s Department, 311, the Port of San Francisco, San Francisco International Airport, Board of Supervisors, and the Public Library.

“CCSF originally thought of Regroup as a disaster recovery/business continuity tool. What do we do if our primary mail system is unavailable? How do we get information to the department admins? Regroup also gives us the ability to reach out to both internal and external contacts, and additional modes of communication including text, voice, and social media. Upon further investigation and interdepartmental collaborations the ideal grew to cover a wider spectrum and became an everyday tool.”


~ Herman Brown, IS Director of Projects at DT, CCSF

The Village of Point Venture, Texas
Emergency Notifications, Effective Mass Messaging Platform and Group Communications

Point Venture in Texas is a small but rapidly growing town. They had previously relied on a home grown emergency notification system, but found this very bureaucratic and slow. Messages could only be sent by phone, press releases through the print and broadcast media and postings on the Village’s website.

They considered other solutions, but selected Regroup as meeting all their needs as well as being easy to use, the best value for money, offering excellent customer service and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the village’s website to allow users to log in to opt-in or out of receiving notifications for particular groups, update their own contact details and participate in group forums and provide real time notifications.

Other benefits that Regroup offered the town included contacting its residents and other stakeholders by landline, cell phone, SMS message, email or through social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook at the press of a button. Regroup’s all-inclusive price, including unlimited notifications encouraged Pont Venture to think outside the box and consider how to make the maximum use of the system for day-to-day communications as well as emergencies without fear of escalating costs. The mayor’s office and the town hall in particular, plan to increase their engagement with residents by establishing notification sub-groups for all their day-to-day communications, but all the village departments involved in the decision were excited by the facilities offered by Regroup.

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